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Provide information to the Office of the Public Guardian

The OPG is an independent statutory office established in part to protect the rights, interests and wellbeing of children and young people in the child protection system. Information is provided between Child Safety and the OPG in line with a memorandum of understanding.

Time sensitive

Unless otherwise specified, all information is to be provided to the OPG as soon as possible, or within one business day.

To provide the OPG with the required information, email the regional contact and telephone the relevant regional visiting manager. (Refer to OPG—Regional visiting manager contact details.)


A child subject to intervention with parental agreement or a care agreement is considered a relevant child.

A child staying in a visitable location includes a child in a:

  • foster or kinship care placement
  • residential care facility, including supported independent living
  • boarding home
  • mental health facility
  • detention facility.

Child Safety is required to advise the OPG of information regarding a child who is subject to ongoing intervention in the home or subject to a child protection care agreement.

When a child is subject to a support service case, intervention with parental agreement or a child protection care agreement, within one business day, provide the OPG with information when:

  • a notification is recorded on the child. Email the information but exclude the notifier details. (Refer to Procedure 1 Advise the Office of the Public Guardian)
  • information is received about serious injury to the child
  • a child dies. (Refer to Procedure 1 Information about a child's death)
  • information is provided to the QPS about a child at a visitable location. This includes:
    • when providing information to the QPS if there is reasonable belief that alleged harm to a child may involve the commission of a criminal offence relating to a child (in accordance with Child Protection Act 1999, section 14(2) 
    • when a report about a child is made to QPS, for example, when police are called out to a residential facility, or respond to an assault to or by a child in a care arrangement. For information about when to report information to the QPS, refer to Procedure 1 Report information to the Queensland Police Service.
  • a child is missing from their care arrangement, or a child in out-of-home care has previously been reported as missing to QPS, or is frequently missing from their care arrangement
  • Child Safety receives a report under the Child Protection Act 1999, section 13F regarding a reportable suspicion that a child  in a departmental or licensed care service has suffered, is suffering, or is at unacceptable risk of suffering, significant harm caused by physical or sexual abuse. Provide a copy of the report to the OPG, excluding notifier details.
  • Child Safety becomes aware of any serious or communicable illnesses at visitable locations, or any serious threats of harm, tension or unrest within communities or visitable locations.

When a reviewable decision is made in relation to a child, provide the OPG with information within 3 business days.

Under the Child Protection Act 1999, section 51L the OPG must be given reasonable opportunity to attend and participate in case planning at a family group meeting. Under the Child Protection Act 1999section 51W the OPG must also be given reasonable opportunity to participate in the review and preparation of the revised case plan.


The OPG and Child Safety may request information from each other about a child in the child protection system to fulfil their respective legislative functions. For example, contextual information about the child, details of care arrangement changes, or information related to court or tribunal proceedings may be provided by either agency.

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