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In-home support funding

In-home support funding can increase a family’s capacity to care for a child safely in the home and reduce the need for a child to be placed elsewhere. In-home support funding is appropriate when:

  • other government or grant funded non-government services are unavailable or unlikely to assist the family
  • additional support is required for the child to remain safely at home.

For a child subject to a support service case, in-home support funding is used to address critical needs identified in the support plan to reduce the likelihood of future harm to the child.

For a child subject to intervention with parental agreement, in-home support funding is used to assist the child to remain safely in the home, or to return home following a child protection care agreement.


If it is anticipated that in-home support funding will be required, seek CSSC manager approval for funding prior to the family group meeting so the case plan reflects the inclusion of the funding. (Refer to the policy Child related costs—in-home support funding.)

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