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Assist with housing needs

The Department of Housing, Local Government, Planning and Public Works (Housing) provides a range of housing services to Queenslanders, including children who are in need of protection and their families and carers.

A referral to Housing may be made when a child is in need of protection and:

  • is at risk of being removed from their family
  • is at risk of being removed from their family at birth
  • is living with an approved foster or kinship carer and is returning to live with their family
  • is living with an approved foster or kinship carer
  • is exiting or has exited a care arrangement (up to 25 years of age) and who needs to transition to independent living
  • the child’s (including an unborn child) current or planned housing circumstances significantly contribute (or are likely to contribute) to the child being harmed, or being at risk of harm and alternative housing is likely to significantly reduce this harm or risk of harm.

Where it is assessed a child and family require housing support :

  • discuss the referral process with the applicant  and gain consent for a referral
  • complete the Referral for Housing Planning (Part A) to request housing assistance for a child in need of protection.

Upon receipt of Part A, the Housing Service Centre will:

  • check the referral has been completed and signed by the applicant and Child Safety
  • complete and forward the Referral for Housing Planning (Part B) to Child Safety within two business days of receiving the referral. 

After receiving Part B:

  • contact the Housing Service Centre to arrange a meeting to discuss the referral
  • involve the applicant whose housing need is being met and any relevant involved support services
  • develop a Joint action plan with Housing  to determine what form of housing assistance is required and to ensure all parties understand their commitment
  • ensure the joint action plan is signed by Housing and Child Safety
  • place a signed copy of the joint action plan on the relevant client file.

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