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Talking to alcohol and other drugs services

You will need to explore how alcohol and other drug services can meet the needs of a culturally diverse family. In doing so, you need to:

  • Find out whether the alcohol and other drugs service currently has formal policies, practices or strategies to support people from CALD communities in accessing or participating in treatment.
  • Find out what CALD services are available to support alcohol and other drugs work with the family.
  • Consider how CALD counsellors and alcohol and other drugs services can work together.
  • Talk with alcohol and other drugs services about how they will meet the parent’s religious, cultural and spirituality needs throughout treatment.
  • Be aware of the potential need to include family members in treatment and recovery plans. (Be guided by parents about this).
  • Refer to culturally specific services where possible if the parent wants this. Never assume they do; always check what will help them the most.
  • Have a conversation with parents about the way the parents experience stigma and shame from family or community.

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