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Cultural considerations

Here are some suggestions about what to ask yourself (and others) when considering the culture of a family you are working with:

  • Does the CALD community have an individual or collective perspective? What will this mean for the way I work with the family and talk about AOD use and worries?
  • How should information be shared? What will help parents validate what I am saying about AOD use?
  • How would the family likely be dealing with their AOD issues? Who would they talk with about it? What treatments and solutions are they likely to try?
  • Who in the community could assist with giving messages about AOD use in a culturally appropriate way?
  • What shame and stigma could be associated with AOD use?
  • What are the traditional or cultural views about AOD use?
  • What are the migration, oppression and trauma experiences of this cultural group within Australia?
  • What gender issues do I need to be aware of? What conversations do I need to have and who should I have them with?
  • What language is appropriate to use when talking about AOD use?
  • What is the best way to name the worries?
  • What are potential responses to our worries about AOD use?
  • What are the roles within the family and community for this CALD group?

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