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Practice reflections

Take some time to think and reflect about the child, parents and family you are working with.

  • What do you know and what do you assume about the CALD background, community and alcohol and other drugs use use with the family you are working with?
  • How have you explored the barriers, stigma and shame experienced within this community? And by the parents and family?
  • How have you tried to support and alleviate this?
  • How do you understand roles and relationships and how they influence alcohol and other drugs use, treatment and recovery?
  • How well do you understand the cultural perspective about alcohol and other drugs use use, treatment and recovery?
  • If a parent has not completed treatment in the past, what assumptions have you made about this? How have you talked with them about this? What are other possibilities?
  • What are the parents’ and family’s expectations and understanding about treatment, timeframes and recovery?
  • How have you provided information to the parents and family?
  • What do you understand about the issues underlying their alcohol and other drugs use use?
  • How can you harness culture to build protection and safety?
  • What is your understanding of the trauma, oppression, discrimination and racism the family has experienced?

Watch the following video for tips on communicating with cultural awareness.

Cultural Diversity - Tips for communicating with cultural awareness

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