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For the CREATE Foundation’s Go Your Own Way Kit—A Guide to Transitioning to Independence:

Tools for practitioners

Tools associated with our Strengthening families Protecting children Framework for practice aim to increase our engagement, assessment, planning and process skills. These tools include:

  • The Three Houses Tool—a process for involving young people and their families in assessment and planning
  • The Safety House Tool—a process for engaging young people in safety planning
  • The Future House—a process for assisting parents and caregivers to identify their vision and goals for the young person’s future safety, belonging and wellbeing. This tool can also be useful when working with young people transitioning to adulthood
  • The Family Roadmap—a process for eliciting the views of young people for detailed planning
  • Circles of Safety and Support Tool—a process to help young people identify people in their safety and support network
  • Safety and support networks and high intensity responses—A high intensity response is a particular way of working, with the purpose of providing an intensive, seamless, wraparound (cocooning) safety and support plan to identified children, young people and families during periods of increased risk and complexity. A high intensity response will be generated and coordinated by a safety and support network and any required co-opted members.

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