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Be clear about what needs to change

Reflect on the information gathered through the assessments before starting to case plan with the family. Completing the Collaborative Assessment and Planning Framework tool with the family can be great way to start. There should be no surprises for the family when developing a case plan with them. This will help to clarify what needs to change in a family to keep a child safe.

Think about how a family impacted on by mental health issues may experience Child Safety intervention. The family may struggle to build trust they are unclear about what needs to be done to keep a child safe. A parent may feel confused, scared, anxious or suspicious if there is any uncertainty about what needs to change.

Reflect on these questions before case planning with the family begins

  • What does ‘safe enough’ mean for this child and family? Can this be answered with confidence? How will it be clear? Can this be explained to the family?
  • How will a parent with mental health issues experience Child Safety intervention if it is not clear what needs to change? Will this make them feel more worried, sad, upset, scared, suspicious or angry?
  • How realistic are the changes?
  • How will it be clear if the case plan is making the child safe?

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