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Build connections to community

Children and parents need support to build strong connections to their community. The safety and support networks extend beyond formal interventions and are likely to play a vital role in the child’s life, particularly if their parent is unwell in the future. Safety and support networks that include friends, neighbours and extended family will be around long after the Child Safety intervention has finished. Sustained change is supported by the safe people and connections in a family’s life.

To help families build a safe network, use the Circles of Safety and Support Tool, genograms or eco-maps to discuss who to bring into their ‘inner circle’. Safe people and connections are particularly important for children when a parent is feeling unwell and struggling to cope with day-to-day activities. Children and parents may be less anxious if they know who they can turn to when they need help.

Further reading

Use the Child of parents with a mental illness tool, My child's support network to help build the child's support network. 

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