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Monitor and review change

Recovery in mental health does not mean the person will never experience mental health issues again.

Recovery from mental health issues can be about the parent staying in control of their life even when experiencing mental health issues in the future. In this way, recovery can also mean being able to plan for and manage those times when they are unwell.

Be aware that there will be setbacks. A family’s strengths and vulnerabilities will change over time and this should be considered when monitoring and reviewing change. Case planning support needs to go into building the capacity and resilience around the parent and child to support them through these setbacks. The ultimate goal is to reduce the impact on the child.

If goals have been developed that are focused on what will be different for the child, reviewing the case plan will clearly be able to measure progress and change for the family. Revisit and scale progress with a parent on their case plan. Use this process to have honest discussions about the parent’s progress. Talk about the challenges they face and work through solutions together.

Talk to the child about what has and has not changed for them. Revisit any previous conversations with the child about their worries. If scaling questions were used before, ask them what number they could give now.

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