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Reassess the concerns after a SCAN team child concern report consult

If following a child concern report consult the SCAN team recommends that the child concern report be referred back to the RIS to be re-assessed:

  • The RIS senior team leader will re-open the intake event and intake form in ICMS and allocate the intake form to a RIS CSO.
  • The RIS CSO will 
    • record the following in the re-opened intake form:
      • the reason for re-opening the intake event
      • the information provided by the SCAN team for the child concern report consult  
      • the original approval date and name of the approving senior team leader
      • any criteria selected in the screening criteria/response priority sections of the form
      • ­all information from the original intake form
      • any additional notifiers, if new information is provided by another agency 
    • attach the SCAN team meeting minutes of the child concern report consult to the intake event
    • forward the completed intake form to the senior team leader for approval.

The senior team leader will approve the new intake form and, if the information is re-assessed as a notification, re-assign the investigation and assessment event to the pending allocation tray of the appropriate CSSC.

In this circumstance, the CSSC cannot downgrade the notification.

Time sensitive

The senior team leader will advise the Child Safety core member representative and the SCAN team coordinator of the outcome within 3 business days of the SCAN team meeting.

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