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Using technology in planning

Transition to adulthood planning requires a range of strategies to engage young people in thinking about and discussing their future. 

Sortli (a play on the phrase ‘sort out your life’) is a free mobile app for young people that was developed through a partnership between young people, CREATE Foundation and the then Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

The app is intended to be used by young people to help them to think about their future goals and how they see themselves living as independent adults in their community. It provides information, prompts, goal steps, and a range of links to other resources, including forms and application processes. 

The information that the young person enters into the app is stored on their phone only, and is not provided back to the developers, the government or anyone else. 

It can be used independently by young people or together with their CSO, support worker or carer as part of their journey to independence.

As part of the transition to adulthood planning process, Sortli can:

  • provide young people with a private, detailed and up-to-date source of information about services and resources
  • help young people to engage in informed conversations about their needs and options
  • be accessed 24/7 when a young person needs emergency support or advice
  • help form a foundation for problem solving and independent thinking.

kicbox is a private, digital memory box that keeps everything safe in one place and provides a convenient way for young people to communicate and share information with their Child Safety team.

kicbox includes four main categories:

  1. My life: helps young people to record their journey in care by uploading photos, describing particular events and recording their thoughts and feelings.
  2. My future: helps them to visualise their life goals through words and images.
  3. Important documents: provides a single place for storing all their documents, such as their birth certificate, certificate of Aboriginality, or school reports.
  4. Contact and support: lets them connect with their CSO by sending secure and private messages.

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