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Go Your Own Way Info Kit Video Resource

CREATE Your Future

The CREATE Your Future program provides young people aged 15–25 with the relevant skills and knowledge to effectively transition to  adulthoold. The life skills and self- and community-awareness required to successfully manage the challenges of everyday life are broad, and translating knowledge and values into abilities that enable young people to excel is the foundation of this program.

Access the site here.

Other useful contacts and resources for young people:

Next Step Plus offers assistance to young people with access to practical advice, support and referrals related to issues such as housing, money management, relationships, education and training, legal advice and health. Refer to the Queensland Government website for contact details of regional Next Step Plus service providers.

Youth Housing and Reintegration Services (YHARS) (07)3151 6666

YHARS offers assistance to young people (12 to 21 years of age) who are transitioning to adulthood and who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. It provides support, financial help, and access to different accommodation options.

Youth support services

Youth support services are intended to help children and young people aged 8 to 21 if they are having trouble with any aspect of their life such as housing, education, or family.

QLD Youth Hub 13 74 68

This offers an online space where young people can have a say about issues that affect them. 

TAFE Qld 1300 308 233

Find out about TAFE opportunities.

Drivers licence 13 23 80

Find out how to apply for a drivers licence.

Open Doors Youth Service 3257 7660

This service offers counselling and support for LGBTQI young people aged 12 to 24.

Headspace 1800 650 890

Information and resources covering a wide range of relevant issues and topics.

Sexual Health Service 13 43 25 84

The website provides a list of sexual health clinics, community health services, and Queensland Health clinical contacts.

Department of Housing 13 74 68 

Medicare 132 011 

Under 25s Money Smart 1300 300 630

The website offers tips on challenges such as buying a first car, moving out of home, first job or dealing with a first big bill.

Australian Electoral Commission 13 23 26

Use this website to enrol to vote.

Tools for practitioners

Tools associated with the Strengthening families Protecting children Framework for practice aim to increase our engagement, assessment, planning and process skills. These tools include:

  • Solution-focused inquiry (SFI), which is a questioning approach and/or interviewing practice based on a simple idea with profound ramifications—that the areas people pay attention to grow. SFI provides strategies for workers to facilitate a change process effeciently and effectively by using questions to develop a vision for change. (SFI assumes the family is competent to change should they decide to do so.)
  • The Three Houses Tool—a process for involving young people and their families in assessment and planning
  • The Safety House Tool—a process for engaging young people in safety planning
  • The Future House—a process for assisting parents and carers to identify their vision and goals for the young person’s future safety, belonging and wellbeing. This tool can also be useful when working with young people transitioning to adulthood
  • The Family Roadmap—a process for eliciting the views of young people for detailed planning
  • Circles of Safety and Support Tool—a process to help young people identify people in their safety and support network
  • The Safe Contact Tool— has been designed to engage all of the significant people in the young person’s life, including the young person, in decision making and planning. This is to ensure that contact between the young person and their family is safe, and is regular and frequent enough that it enables the young person to maintain their connections with their family, community and culture.

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