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The Three Houses Tool. Supports you to explore ‘what’s working well’, ‘what are we worried about’, and ‘what needs to happen’ with children and young people.

Circles of Safety and Support Tool. A tool to help children and parents identify people for the child and family Safety and Support Network.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept. A children’s story book about a young knight’s experience of child sexual abuse. It explores manipulation and coercion in an age appropriate manner, sexual abuse, and common worries children have about disclosing. View the video of the book below.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept read by Debra Byrne

Helping to Make It Better. A New South Wales web resource which contains factsheets in clear, plain English that respond to common concerns for parents, address myths about child sexual abuse and provide parents with advice.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has a range of resources. Visit the resources section on their website and scroll down to download ‘Safeguarding your child’- a simple and informative guide for parents and caregivers around safety, supervision and boundaries.

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