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Developing the cultural support plan

Child Safety is responsible for ensuring:

  • The cultural support plan is developed in conjunction with the relevant people.
  • The family is given the opportunity to participate in case planning, including the cultural support plan, by participating in a family-led decision making process (where possible led by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person).
  • Arrangements for regular connection are established and maintained with as many people as possible who share the child’s cultural background.
  • The information gathered about the child and their family, relationships, community connections and culture is used in the development of the cultural support plan.

The cultural practice advisor plays an integral role in this process and provides advice and support to other practitioners in the development of cultural support plans.

Any additional information gathered from the child and their family and community during the course of ongoing intervention can be recorded in case notes and added to the case plan or cultural support plan during the next review of the case plan.

The ICMS profiles must be updated when new information about the Indigenous status is obtained. (See example cultural support plan at the end of this part).

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