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Talking to fathers

Culturally appropriate services

Try to find culturally appropriate services. If you are unable to or the service is not practical for the father, ask if he is okay with a mainstream service along with the help of a culturally appropriate support person.

You can get more information or advice from a local Humanitarian Settlement Service or the Queensland Government Multicultural Resource Directory. Note, some of these services are funded to only work with clients in their first 5 years of settlement.

Practice consideration Conversation ideas

Be aware that sometimes men from other cultures will not talk to women—even women from government.

  • Consider who is best placed to start the conversation with the father.

Explain that violence is never okay.

If possible, engage someone he respects from his culture to help you to have this conversation.
  • Although different countries have different laws, violence is never okay. Violence is a crime in Australia.

Get fathers to talk about their ideas of gender and roles within the family.

  • What do you think a mother’s role is and how is it different to a father’s role?
  • What role does a father have?
  • How do you think your wife views her role in the family?
  • Do you ever feel that your ideas about the roles of mothers and fathers get in the way of having peace and harmony in the home?
Talk about the changes the father has experienced since moving to Australia.
  • I am interested to hear about what have been the hardest changes you have experienced since arriving in Australia.
  • How do you manage these changes?
  • What do you do?
  • Are there any things you feel like you cannot manage?
  • Who might be able to help you manage these? How can I be of most use to you?


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