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For children

Kids Helpline — Remember to talk with children about how to use the Kids Helpline in a way that does not put them at further risk from the man — such as phoning from a public phone, school or friends house.

Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research – Has many resources, events and research articles.

The hideout — A UK-based website for children experiencing domestic and family violence. If there is a possibility that the family may need to relocate to a refuge to be safe, you can use the ‘virtual refuge’ tool on this page to talk to children about what it might be like in a refuge.

What's OK at home? — A place for kids and young people from the Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRC) Victoria.

For parents

Berry Street Childhood Institute has several fact sheets to assist parents to understand the impact and discuss domestic and family violence with their child. 


1800 Respect — Phone and online counselling for women experiencing violence. The website has information on keeping kids safe.

For more on the impacts of domestic violence on children refer to  

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