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Resources to help you assess risk

The Three Houses Tool This familiar tool for most practitioners can be used to explore the acts of violence and other behaviours that frighten and worry the child as well as what worries they have for others. It can help explore protective factors that can shape safety and case planning and create a picture of what needs to change for the child to feel safe and happy. This can be a powerful motivator for change for the father using violence.

The Safety House Tool Another familiar tool, this is used to hear from the child about who and what can keep them safe, what rules need to be in place and how we can get to a point where the child feels safe. This tool can also be used to explore any feelings of blame they may have and worries about what may happen if we are involved and if they talk to us about what is happening. 

The Power and Control Wheel be helpful in identifying the ways in which a mother is being controlled and abused.

The Post Separation Power and Control Wheel wheel (Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs, 2013, based on the Duluth Model) provides information on the ways perpetrators may use contact with children to harass and intimidate their mother.

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