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Moving forward

Ideas for moving forward

Getting families to move forward involves being useful and creating hope for the future. Below we explain how.

Be a partner of the family

Your role is to create the changes that the family need to keep children safe with the non-offending parent. Being a partner means being of use—to everyone in the family—including the father.

Show you care by giving the family practical support and taking responsibility for some tasks in the case plan. (Make sure the family is okay for you to be responsible for these tasks.)

Practice prompt

Regularly ask family members: ‘How can I be of most use to you right now?’


‘It’s easy to respond to a problem by saying we need more support without being at all clear on what we mean by that or what we want to achieve.’

(Quinton, 2004).

Continue to create hope and a vision for the future

Help the family have hope. Base this hope on a vision of what their family will be like when there is no violence. Talk about this often.

Use tools like:

These visions of positive change should be identified across 5 areas:

  1. Knowledge: what will they know and be able to talk about?
  2. Behaviour: what will he be doing at this stage?
  3. Attitude: what will they think and be able to tell you?
  4. Circumstance: what will be different in their lives?
  5. Skill: what will he be able to do and how will he show you that?

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