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The Queensland Government website provide a range of information on supports for children, young people, adults and parents with disability.

Sisters Inside is a community organisation in Queensland advocating for the rights of women in prison, providing services which support criminalised women their children. View their available programs for women and children.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) is the Australian Government’s key research body in the area of wellbeing. AIFS has a wide range of research on parents with a disability.

WWILD is a community organisation that supports people with intellectual or learning disabilities who have experienced sexual assault, or have been victims of crime. WWILD also supports their carers and families. They have a range of services and resources available.

The Queensland Community Support Scheme (QCSS) is a new scheme provided by the Queensland Government that provides supports to people who, with a small amount of assistance, can maintain or regain their independence, continue living safely in their homes, and actively participate in their communities.

The COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness) promotes better outcomes for children and families where a parent experiences mental illness. They provide a range of supports and resources for parents, children and support networks.

The booklet 'You deserve to be safe’ developed by WWILD uses simple English to describe the range of behaviours that might constitute violence in a relationship and some thoughts for the reader about what to do and who they could talk to about safety.

Anglicare Southern Queensland offers a range of specialist programs for people with disability including support for those experiencing homelessness, support for parents, and supports for people in the home.

Synapse is an organisation that provides a range of support services for people who have been impacted by brain injury and disability, and promotes quality of life, self-determination and choice through information, specialist support and targeted research activities. They have many factsheets on topics relating to brain injury such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and supports for carers.

Autism Queensland have a range of resources and support groups for people of different ages who have autism. View their support groups for adults here.

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