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NDIS support for parents

For parents with disability, the National Disability Insurance Scheme will support them to receive reasonable and necessary supports they need to live an ordinary life and reach their goals, which may include, for example, the goal of caring for their children in the family home. The NDIS also provides information and referrals to existing supports in the community. For more information on the NDIS, see Applying to access the NDIS on the NDIS website.

A parent’s preferences, their disability and the child protection issues to be addressed will all impact on whether the providers engaged through the parent’s NDIS plan will be part of their safety and support network. If a parent has an NDIS support coordinator, having them involved can encourage a shared understanding of a parent’s disability, the impact it has on their functioning, and what further supports can be implemented to support the parent to meet the safety, belonging and wellbeing needs of their child.

You may be working with a parent who has a suspected or confirmed disability however they are not linked in with the NDIS. It is part of your role to support them to access NDIS either directly, through the support of another agency or through informal supports, especially if their disability is impacting on their ability and willingness to parent. Establishing roles and responsibilities for linking a parent in with NDIS support can occur during the Family Group Meeting, or as soon possible to ensure support can be provided to the parent in a timely manner.

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