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Immediate safety plans

Immediate safety plans are developed when an immediate harm indicator has been identified when completing the SDM safety assessment.

It is important to also assess acts of protection, strengths and resources, if applicable, to help determine whether an immediate safety plan may be possible. 

Work with the family and their safety and support network to attempt to create a plan that will provide safety for the child in the short term. Immediate safety plans are to be reviewed at least every 7 days, but monitoring these plans may sometimes be a daily occurrence. Network members can be called on to assist in the monitoring of the plan. 

If the family does not have a safety and support network, this is the time to help them identify who may be able to help them. Network members can be extended family, friends and neighbours who care about the child and are able to work both with the family and Child Safety.

Tools such as genograms, eco-maps and Circles of Safety and Support Tool can assist practitioners to identify network members.

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