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Planned changes to a child's care arrangement

The best approach to changes in care arrangements is to include the child in the decision-making process. Research states participation by the child is key to success in any decision made about them. Participation helps children feel heard, empowered, informed and cared about while a significant change is occurring for them.  

Planned transitions for children are more likely to achieve better outcomes when the child has ownership of the plans and feels that their views and worries have been listened to, heard and acknowledged as important.

To ease the trauma experienced during a transition for any change of care arrangement, some factors to consider sharing with the child may include:

  • why they are in care
  • what will happen to them while they are in care
  • who they will be living with
  • how long they will be living with these carers
  • whether they will get to see their friends
  • when they will see their parents
  • their health and education
  • legal matters
  • living arrangements
  • how they can stay safe
  • who they can tell if they are worried about anything.

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