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You can't ask that

Difference comes in many forms and, as a government agency that works with people from all walks of life, working with difference is inevitable within the care arrangements context.

To learn more about difference in Australia and hear stories directly from diverse Australians, watch the ABC show You can’t ask that, which showcases people confronting prejudice and discrimination head-on. The show asks hard questions and turns the answers into surprising moments of honesty and heartwarming humour, helping educate the community on topics people may be anxious to talk about.

When watching the show, consider how you think about the differences highlighted and how you can learn from these people—answering personal questions on national television—to use in your practice with our children, young people and families.

Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

  • African Australians
  • Intersex
  • Drag
  • Refugees
  • Children of same-sex parents
  • Transgender
  • Muslims
  • Polyamorous people
  • Indigenous—Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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