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Working with young people

Naming or revealing the problem

Once rapport is built, you can explore the following questions with young people. If they answer yes to any of the following questions, it is a signal that they may have problematic alcohol and other drugs use:

  • Do you drink because you have problems or to relax?
  • Do you drink when you get mad at other people, including your friends or parents?
  • Do you prefer to drink alone rather than with other people?
  • Is your work or education suffering as a result of your drinking?
  • Have you ever tried to stop drinking or to drink less and found that you can’t?
  • Do you drink in the morning, before school or work?
  • Do you gulp your drinks?
  • Do you ever have loss of memory due to your drinking?
  • Do you lie about how much or how often you drink?
  • Do you ever get into trouble when you’re drinking?
  • Do you get drunk when you drink, even when you don't mean to?
  • Do other people comment about your drinking and think it’s a problem?

Source: Signs you might have a drinking problem

Explaining harm from alcohol and cannabis to a young person

The following, highly acclaimed animations discuss adolescent brain development and the effects of alcohol and cannabis on different brain regions and on behaviour. They present complex and up-to-date neurobiological research in a way that is engaging and relevant for teenagers.

Under Construction: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

Effects of cannabis on the teenage brain NCPIC + Turning Point

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