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'Queensland Clinical guidelines – Perinatal Substance use' provides information in relation to particular drug types, breastfeeding and how best to support mothers. Click this link and type into the search bar 'Perinatal Substance use' to access the guidelines.

For parents

Better Health Victoria information about FASD gives an overview of FASD, including diagnosis, treatment and where to get help.

'Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) information sheet' provides information in relation to commonly asked questions about NAS. Click this link and type into the search bar 'Neonatal abstinence syndrome' to access the information sheet.

Queensland Government —Children’s health, parenting and pregnancy This site provides general information about pregnancy, babies and health.

Safe sleeping  provides parents with information about safe sleeping practices.

The national organisation for foetal alcohol spectrum disorders provides a number of great fact sheets about FASD: diagnosis and things to know about caring for a child, support groups available in Australia for parents, and useful links and resources in Australia and internationally.

Your Room provides information on alcohol and other drugs, including information specific to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For young people/first time parents, Dovetail  Dovetail have produced a resource that can be shared with prospective parents to assist with conversations about AOD use during pregnancy.

Queensland Health—Pregnancy and drug use. This is a parent information sheet based on Queensland clinical guidelines.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet provides information, resources (audio, visual and printable) and programs on a range of topics across Australia.

Stay strong and healthy This Facebook page has health information on pregnancy, looking after a new baby, drugs and alcohol and coping with feeling down.

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